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The Church at Pecan Creek

Sunday Evenings  : 5:00-6:55PM


5:00-6:10PM:  Worship Service (Podcast)

6:10-6:20PM:  Coffee & Fellowship

6:20-6:40PM:  Discipleship Time

6:40-6:55PM:  Table Discussion


What to Expect at The Church at Pecan Creek (Meeting at Northview)

·         A complete time of worship, ministry, and discipleship for all ages.

·         High quality music and worship experience.

·         The sermon style will be expository (Biblically centered, and in-depth in nature), and
preached by Trey Talley.
The first sermon series is“Who do you say I am?” a detailed
study of who Jesus is.    

·         A new time slot to reach those who have time conflicts, sleep in, or for whatever reason
can’t come on Sunday Mornings.

·         A high-quality, well thought out, and prepared worship service

·         A discipleship time that is designed to go deeper into key aspects of the sermon each week.

·         Followed by a unique small group time led by key Table Facilitators.

·         An exciting and engaging Children’s Ministry time.  


Room Set-up & Logistics:  People will be encouraged to sit in the front half of The Sanctuary for the Sunday Night Church Worship.  Following the Worship Service there will be a 10 minute break.  This will allow those who need to leave to do so.  It is also a break to get coffee, go to the restroom, and fellowship. It is also the time to take 3-6 grade kids to their discipleship class in the kids building.   As people come back into The Sanctuary, they will be encouraged to sit at the back half of the room at the tables provided.  The Discipleship Leader will then lead in a time of discipleship with a 15 minute lesson that pertains to the sermon just heard.  Following the lesson, Table Facilitators will lead their tables in discussion. Table Facilitator’s are people who will fill a similar role to that of a Sunday School Teacher.  The material will cover key points from the message and the lesson just taught.  It will consist of 8-10 key points. 

This format is different, but is extremely effective for worship, discipleship, fellowship and building community.

Family Worship:  Families are encouraged to worship together during the Worship Service.  This means that their children can stay with them.  Family worship is a wonderful time of praising God and learning about God together.

Though all children are welcome during the Worship Service, we recommend birth to 2nd grade children
go to our nursery, Preschool and Kids Ministry locations.  Following the Worship Service, all older kids
(3-6 grades) will be dismissed to a discipleship time just for them. 


Students: (7-12 Grades): Will follow the same schedule as the adults for Sunday Night Church. 
However, following the Worship Service, they will have their Discipleship Time and Table Discussion at
a table set aside for students their age.  Further fellowship and disciples time is available for them on Sunday mornings and on Wednesday nights.

Children’s Ministry:  The curriculum used is What’s in the Bible? It is a hilarious series put out by the makers of Veggie Tales.  However, the content is amazing!  They will learn more about the Bible in one year than most of us have learned our entire lives!

Preschool:  We will have childcare provided for our youngest, birth – 2 years old, as well as preschool activities for 3 & 4 year olds.

Who is Jesus: Incarnation
February 9, 2014

Baptism of Jesus
More Than Water
February 16, 2014
 Who Do YOU say that I am?
February 23, 2014

of Jesus
March 9, 2014

Miracles of Jesus
March 16, 2014


SNC Weekly Message (click and listen)

March 23, 2014

The Last Supper
April 6, 2014

Arrest, Sentence & Conviction
April 13, 2014

Dying Words of Jesus
April 20, 2014
I Am The Resurrection
April 27, 2014
He is The Final Judge
May 11, 2014

Guest Speaker
Chris Miller
May 18, 2014

June 1,2014

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The Priest
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